Protecting imaging equipment
& operating environments

Donaldson is a leading supplier of customized imaging and printing filters that protect both the original equipment manufacturer's equipment and the end user's production operating environment.
Customized Solutions

We work closely with original equipment manufacturers to provide filtration solutions that address your unique requirements. Our experience in filtration techniques and broad spectrum of contamination control allows us to devise a customized filtration solution that not only meets your process requirements, but also that is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Advanced Filtration Technology

Donaldson has in-house engineering and testing expertise; we are constantly investing in research and development to improve filtration technologies. The result is a filtration solution that will perform in your application and operating environment.

Extensive Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio includes particulate and chemical filtration, allowing us to provide toner, ink, ozone, and other filters for gaseous contaminants. We have a broad array of filtration media, including carbon and adsorbent media, catalysts, and various liquid and air particulate media.

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