Filters for Whichever Way You LEAN

We offer filters for your entire operation. Dust/fume/mist, hydraulics, compressor, compressed air & gas, process and everything in between.

Bulk Fluid Storage

Contaminants and water are the enemies of modern diesel engines. We'll help you remove the dirt and achieve more.

Compressed Air & Gas

Think purity from the compressor room to the factory floor – for all your air, gas and steam filtration needs.


A complete system of filtration and separation products to help your compressor operate more reliably and efficiently.

Disk Drive

We offer filtration systems that help protect critical components in cloud computing, including cellular networks, gaming, streaming, storage, and sharing.


Contamination control products and services for machinery and components in factory and on heavy-duty equipment.

Industrial Dust, Fume & Mist

From cleaner air for industrial working environments, to collecting a variety of dust fumes and mist.


Donaldson is the leading worldwide manufacturer of Tetratex® microporous expanded PTFE membranes, films and laminates.


Filtration of air/technical gases, liquid and steam that help you reach maximum purity standards for sterile manufacturing processes.


Our filtration solutions protect both process tools and highly sensitive environments from molecular contaminants.