Committed to Maximizing
Value for Our Stakeholders

Our procurement team is dedicated to meeting our customers’ quality, capacity and service requirements while finding safe, compliant and sustainable sourcing.

We are invested in improved integration and communication to provide effective solutions for our internal stakeholders, while engaging with our suppliers to bolster innovation. 

Donaldson Buys Value

It is our method to ensure we are working together with our suppliers to meet customer expectations. We are focused on establishing quality, service, cost, and continuous improvement metrics which align our valued supply partners with our strategies and actions to meet customer expectations.

Sustainable Procurement 

Donaldson’s chairman, president and CEO Tod Carpenter said: “We are committed to supporting environmental stewardship and sustainable operations, creating a safe and welcoming workplace for employees, and leveraging our robust corporate governance to serve all stakeholders”.

Donaldson is committed to operating safely and sustainably, and we expect our efforts to cascade down to our supply base to achieve similar or even better results for a sustainable future. We expect our suppliers to conduct operations in a manner that safeguards the environment and seeks ways to conserve and restore natural resources and minimize adverse impacts on the environment.

All Donaldson suppliers are expected to treat everyone with respect and dignity and must provide working conditions that are fair, non-discriminatory, equitable and safe. Observing social and environmental standards is a pre-requisite to be a Donaldson supplier.

Donaldson expects suppliers to set up processes to identify, assess, prevent and remedy social and environmental risks and impacts in their supply chains, and in their own operations.

Sustainability Forms

Self Assessment Form: The purpose of this tool is to help our suppliers assess themselves against Donaldson sustainability standards.

Sustainable Procurement Program – Application Form: The application form is a document that outlines the necessary details for participating in the enhanced Donaldson-Buys-Value supplier scorecard's sustainability initiatives.

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